Services We Provide

Museum Quality Picture Framing
Hand made frames:
We offer a vast selection of picture frame mouldings, in wood and
metal. We specialize in finished corner hardwood frames in a variety of
profiles and custom finishes. We also offer economically priced,
prefinished wood frames, and sectional aluminum frames. We also
supervise the fabrication of hand gilded, finished corner frames made
to order.

Museum mounting and matting:
We offer a wide variety of mounting and matting solutions, dictated by
the specific needs of each object or art work we are framing. When
working with pieces of value we prefer to utilize archival, acid free
museum mat boards and mount them using archival adhesives, such as
wheat starch paste. We also have the capability to dry mount posters
and other items that may not be as unique and valuable. We carry a
full line of matting and mounting boards in an array of colors and

Glass, acrylic and specialty glazings:
Our selection of glazings runs from clear, regular glass and acrylics
(such as plexiglas) to ultraviolet filtering varieties and also includes
Museum Glass and Optium Museum Acrylic, both of which are used to
reduce reflection in the surface covering the framed work of art. We
make recommendations based on the specific framing situation and

We can create custom mirrors, using any and all of our picture frame

Pedestals, bases and vitrines:

Pedestals and bases:
We fabricate pedestals and bases for sculpture and other objects in
wood and metal. Each base is custom made to order. We have
produced a variety of presentation solutions, from a simple white cube,
to pedestals made from reclaimed lumber.

We supervise the fabrication of acrylic boxes and vitrines that are used
to house sculptural works of art and other delicate objects.
Art Services
We also provide other services in addition to offering
solutions to framing and presentation needs.

We can hang your works of art and other objects in your
home or workplace. We bring many years of museum and
gallery experience to the job of getting your frames on your
wall. We are experienced in hanging oversized objects,
and also in anchoring hooks into difficult surfaces, such as
masonry and plaster. We provide security hardware
installations for frames that will be in a more public setting
like hotels, restaurants and reception areas.

Crating and packing:
When a valuable object needs to be shipped, it should be
prepared properly. We offer a variety of solutions to assure
the safe arrival of your art work. We build foam lined,
plywood crates to protect the most delicate or valuable of
objects. Other pieces may require a double walled,
corrugated cardboard box. Other work may only require soft
packing of bubble wrap and cardboard. Whatever the
situation, we have the experience and ability to provide the
best solution for transporting your works of art.

Local pick up and delivery:
We are available for local pick up and delivery of art works
and objects.
Mark Buckheit
Picture Framing and Art Services
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